Some babies are born with special needs. That’s why the Colette Cipriano Special Care Nursery at CentraState has a dedicated staff of neonatologists and highly skilled nurses who are NRP (neonatal resuscitation program) certified on duty 24/7. The special care nursery’s goal is to provide individualized and compassionate care for you and your newborn, in a quiet and comfortable environment.

The special care nursery provides care for premature babies born after 32 weeks gestation who require oxygen, antibiotics, close observation or other special attention for complications such as infection, breathing problems, small size and weight, low temperature or blood sugar, or other emergencies. It includes phototherapy lighting for jaundice, incubators with minimal light and noise exposure, and warmers that regulate body temperatures while allowing direct observation and easy access for physicians, nurses and the newborns’ parents.

The Colette Cipriano Special Care Nursery is equipped and licensed to care for almost any complication that newborns face (only the most critically ill newborns need to be transported to an intensive care nursery.)

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