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Combating the Childhood Obesity Epidemic

Childhood obesity and how you can help
Posted September 10, 2014

Childhood obesity has more than doubled in the past 30 years.  It is one of the major health concerns facing today’s youth as children are eating more processed foods and engaging in less physical activity.  Obesity is a co-factor for … Continue reading

Choosing an Obstetrician? : The 5 Things You Need to Know

Posted June 16, 2014

Congratulations—you’re expecting! With this wonderful and exciting news comes a multitude of research, questions, and preparation. One of the first questions you’ll probably ask yourself is who will I go to for prenatal care? Or how to pick the best … Continue reading

Pregnant and Uninsured? We’ve got you covered!

uninsured, nj horizon healthcare, pregnant
Posted September 19, 2014

If you are pregnant, whether you are uninsured, have Medicare, Horizon NJ Health Insurance, or another of the many insurance providers we accept – we are here for you! First, we’d like to congratulate you on your pregnancy! You’re already … Continue reading

Response to a Study on Autism by Duke University

Posted August 14, 2013

At Healthy Woman we want to reassure our patients about a topic you may have seen in the news. Duke university released a study this month implying there may be a link with induction of labor and augmentation of labor … Continue reading

Working With Patients in Tough Economic Times

Posted March 20, 2013

With the unemployment rate at 7.7 percent, adding around 236,000 jobs in February of this year, many Americans still find themselves out of work. Financial institutions are some of the most recent companies to announce major employment cut backs in … Continue reading

Breastfeeding Perks: What You Should Know

pregnant woman with milk
Posted March 12, 2013

Breastfeeding has been all the buzz lately. With celebrities talking about it in their candid magazine interviews, breastfeeding is making a long overdue comeback in modern-day motherhood. So how exactly can breastfeeding be beneficial? 1. Illness prevention. The nutrients in … Continue reading

Folic Acid Linked To Lower Autism Risk

pregnant woman
Posted February 26, 2013

The importance of planning for pregnancy is becoming more and more evident, as new studies show. A recent study found that children born to women who started taking folic acid supplements, or women who received an ample amount of folic … Continue reading

What You Eat Could Make You Happy

woman w fruit
Posted February 6, 2013

Everyone wants to be happy. Whether it’s achieved through success, personal accomplishment, or day to day satisfaction, most people would say that happiness is the goal they would most like to achieve. But how does food factor into your happiness? … Continue reading

Staying Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

woman in winter
Posted January 23, 2013

It’s that time of year again! The news is abuzz with reports of influenza outbreaks, cold symptoms, and stomach bugs. Almost everyone knows someone who has been sick this winter season, and the numbers continue to rise across the country. … Continue reading

Princeton Nassau Pediatrics


Princeton Nassau Pediatrics will now be in the Healthy Woman Freehold office one day a week! The goal is to offer our patients seamless medical care through pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. Princeton Nassau Pediatrics strive to provide the highest possible … Continue reading

Predict Your Baby’s Gender

Happy couple with a pregnancy test sitting on the bed
Posted January 10, 2013

Trying to figure out if you are having a baby boy or girl? While the suspense can be torture for some moms, others are using old wives’ tales to give them a heads up as to which color to stock … Continue reading

Celebrating The New Year Pregnant!

woman in winter
Posted December 27, 2012

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, with party planning and RSVP’s in full swing. But how can you get the most out of the evening while being pregnant? Just because you are expecting a little one doesn’t mean … Continue reading

Nausea: What You Need To Know

woman in the morning
Posted December 17, 2012

The news has been all a buzz with the recent news that Kate Middleton, who married Prince William in 2011, is pregnant. What is hyperemesis, or as the press has dubbed, rare morning sickness? And how does this relate to … Continue reading

Heavy Menstrual Bleeding? We Have A Solution!

happy mom and daughter
Posted December 4, 2012

Women are constantly battling with their menstrual cycles. Whether it’s heavy bleeding, excessive cramps, or even depression and fatigue, many women struggle to maintain their day-to-day lives while experiencing extreme menstrual cycles. But what many women do not know is … Continue reading

Holiday Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

pregnant woman with milk
Posted November 26, 2012

Its that time of year again! The holidays are here in full swing, which means lots of time with loved ones, good food, and all sorts of holiday parties. Pregnant women have to change their daily diets when they become … Continue reading

Is The Flu Shot Safe For Pregnant Women?

doctor and her patient
Posted November 14, 2012

If you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant there are multitudes of warnings regarding what you can eat, medications you can take, and vaccines you can receive. But with flu season upon us, is the flu vaccination safe for … Continue reading

Healthy Woman Opens Doors After Sandy

Logo high re
Posted November 5, 2012

Following the devastation of Super Storm Sandy, thousands upon thousands of people across the New Jersey and New York areas find themselves still without power, and much worse, without homes. Sandy, the storm that reached 900 miles wide, carried wind … Continue reading

Tricks for Inducing Labor Naturally

awaiting a baby
Posted October 26, 2012

Many women can start to feel impatient towards the end of their pregnancy. Excitement for the newest addition to the family, coupled with an ever-growing belly, can create a longing for the labor process to begin. But what if baby … Continue reading

3 Tips For Beating Pregnancy Mood Swings!

pregnant woman lying down on the Caribbean beach shoreline
Posted October 16, 2012

Mood swings during pregnancy are a common occurrence. You may have constant worries that contribute to your mood swings, with questions such as: Will I be a good parent? How am I going to manage financially? Will my baby be … Continue reading

Could You Be Shira’s Hero?

Posted October 12, 2012

Shira Klein, a wife and loving mother of three beautiful children, is fighting once again for her life. Diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma on New Year’s Eve of 2010, Shira has been battling this disease for the past two years. After … Continue reading

Wendy’s Story

two women sharing a secret
Posted October 9, 2012

Hi, my name is Wendy and I am a breast cancer survivor. I was 30 years old when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was June of 2009 when I found out something was wrong. During a self examination … Continue reading

Pregnancy Pains: Preventing Heartburn

healthy pregnant woman eating fruit
Posted October 2, 2012

Pregnancy is full of new experiences, from shopping for a little one to an ever-changing body. Unfortunately for most women, heartburn is among these new experiences. Even for women who have never experienced it before, heartburn may occur for the … Continue reading

Healthy Exercise During Pregnancy

mom kissing baby
Posted September 26, 2012

Women are always wondering what good exercise routines they can get into while they are pregnant. Maintaining a regular exercise routine improves overall health, but during pregnancy it can help prevent gestational diabetes (diabetes that develops during pregnancy), relieve stress, … Continue reading

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Cause

OCA facebook
Posted September 17, 2012

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. In honor of the month, Healthy Woman OB/GYN is promoting through social media for a special campaign. For the next two weeks, Healthy Woman OB/GYN will be donating $1 to the Ovarian Cancer Research … Continue reading

Newborn Screening Awareness Month

Posted September 11, 2012

September marks National Newborn Screening Awareness Month, emphasizing the importance of testing even healthy-looking babies for serious conditions prior to leaving the hospital. As a leading prenatal provider, with offices in Colts Neck and Freehold, Healthy Woman OB/GYN encourages parents … Continue reading

Fall Back Into Health

healthy woman
Posted September 10, 2012

With fall just around the corner, there has never been a better time to get back into the groove of healthy habits, especially for women. The best way to start your health groove this fall is to schedule your yearly … Continue reading

(Hot) Flash in the Pan

woman w fruit
Posted September 4, 2012

Among menopause’s many irritable symptoms are hot flashes—those infamous, sudden waves of heat that leave women flushed, sweaty and just plain uncomfortable. But a recent study published in Menopause magazine discovered that diet can lessen the strain of hot flashes. … Continue reading

Attitude of Gratitude!

nina testimonial
Posted August 9, 2012

Nina Scarlatti, a long-time patient of Healthy Woman and proud mother of three, gives her thanks to the one and only Dr. Joe.  

What to Pack When You’re Expecting

mom kissing baby
Posted August 6, 2012

You’ve endured nine-plus months of nausea, backaches, restless sleep and something reminiscent of Mike Tyson’s prize-winning jabs in your ribs—now comes the fun part. Before you head out to the hospital to deliver, make sure you’ve packed enough to ensure … Continue reading

Sexy Eats: Foods to Amp Up Your Love Life

a couple on the beach
Posted July 2, 2012

Hot enough for ya? The temperatures outside may be sizzling but what about the heat in your bedroom? If things have cooled (thank you, hormones, stress, children, life, insert-your-reason-here), these aphrodisiac foods will spice up your fine romance by boosting … Continue reading

|Belly Beautiful: The Prettiest Clothes for Moms-to-be

pregnant woman lying down on the Caribbean beach shoreline
Posted June 18, 2012

The cutest tops, dresses, skirts and swimwear that’ll flatter expecting mothers and their growing bellies alike. TopShop Maternity Embroidered Shirt Nothing says summer like a crisp white shirt. This one is sleeveless—perfect for the warm weather—and has sophisticated embroidery details … Continue reading

Oh, Mega! The Importance of Omega-3s

woman eating sushi
Posted June 4, 2012

The words fatty acids may make you recoil and conjure up such unpleasant images as tubs of lard and jiggly thighs, but fat isn’t always the enemy—in fact, omega-3s, a type of fatty acid, are necessary for good health. What … Continue reading

Touchdown! Amy and Wayne Chrebet Welcome Son at CentraState – Full Story

Posted March 20, 2012


Proactive Prevention in the New Year

three generations of women
Posted January 3, 2012

If you’ve resolved to lose weight or hit the gym more often in the new year, you’re not alone. While many make these kind of goals to look better or gain more energy, taking care of yourself has another major … Continue reading

Stress and Breast Cancer

woman meditating at sunset on the Caribbean beach
Posted December 25, 2011

Being diagnosed with breast cancer can understandably be tough on any woman—but imagine being diagnosed the very day your husband’s vice presidential bid ends. Then, once the cancer has gone into remission, having it return in the midst of your … Continue reading

Oh, Sugar! All About Gestational Diabetes

healthy pregnant woman eating fruit
Posted December 17, 2011

Pregnancy can throw a lot of curveballs your way—morning sickness, Braxton-Hicks contractions, strange cravings—but one development that catches many women by surprise and turns your 40 weeks into a whole new ballgame is the onset of gestational diabetes. The result … Continue reading

The Pros (and Cons) of Progestin-Only Birth Control

woman with hands on hips
Posted December 7, 2011

Continuing in her series on contraception, Dr. Julie Leizer talks the pros and cons of progestin-only birth control. Some of the most commonly used methods of birth control are hormonal. However, there are 2 different types of hormonal birth control- … Continue reading

Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Natural Ways to Stay Healthy All Winter Long

woman in winter
Posted December 5, 2011

As moms and women on-the-go-go-go, we simply do not have time to get sick. It’s just not an option, right? Here are our top ways to keep colds at bay during the sneezin’ season. An Apple A Day The old … Continue reading

What to Expect During the Third Trimester

pregnant woman
Posted November 27, 2011

Congrats—you’re in the home stretch! The excitement of the first trimester and ease of the second trimester have made way for the anticipation of the third trimester. Any day now, that little bundle of joy will arrive and turn your … Continue reading

Dem Bones: How to Prevent Osteoporosis

women holding spine
Posted November 23, 2011

Healthy Woman Ob-Gyn’s Dr. Neeti Misra is back with her continuing series on preventive health care. This time she breaks down osteoporosis with the hope that you’ll be able to stave off the breaking down of your bones from this … Continue reading

Are You Green Washed?

dapple green cleaners
Posted November 22, 2011

Don’t let the term “green” fool you! It’s a dirty little secret that a lot of “green” cleaners out there are loaded with toxic chemicals. If you really want to green up your life, start by reading this article. And … Continue reading

Thanks and Giving: The Top Women’s Health Charities to Support This Season

hand holding heart
Posted November 20, 2011

When it comes to what to be thankful for, nothing trumps your health. Money, love, success, personal goals—none of them are possible without good health to give them rise. In this time of reflection and thanks, you might consider paying … Continue reading

Healthy Woman Through the Years

healthy woman
Posted November 17, 2011

Dr. Borislava Burt-Libo is back to tell you how to be a healthy woman—and stay a healthy woman—all the days of your life. Life is busy, especially for a woman. If you are like most women, you are constantly running … Continue reading

What to Expect During the Second Trimester

second trimester
Posted November 14, 2011

Hitting your second trimester may be a bit of a relief—it’s sometimes called the “honeymoon” trimester and just may be the most enjoyable time of your pregnancy. Wondering why? Read on to find out: The Physical Changes There’s good news … Continue reading

IUD 411

Posted November 10, 2011

Dr. Julie Leizer is back with her series on contraception. This month, she talks about intrauterine devices, aka IUDs. The intrauterine device (IUD) is one of the most effective forms of birth control. It is a small, T-shaped plastic device … Continue reading

Woman With a Plan: Birth Plan 101

woman with a plan
Posted November 5, 2011

Just as babies don’t come with instruction booklets, births don’t unfold in an orderly, by-the-book fashion—not unless you’re really lucky, that is. But that doesn’t mean you should just wing it. Heading toward your due date, it’s smart to come … Continue reading

Are You A VIP? At Healthy Woman, You Are!

Doct_Web_0001_Layer-4-copy-3 06-19-15
Posted November 2, 2011

I’m Dr. Rebecca Cipriano. My husband Dr. Joseph Cipriano and I founded Healthy Woman ten years ago. It is our mission to bring you compassionate, competent OB and GYN care. Lately, we’ve been thinking about what makes us different from … Continue reading

How to Reduce Your Risk of Ovarian Cancer

happy mom and daughter
Posted November 1, 2011

All the pink products and festivities in October make it pretty tough to miss Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an important time for educating people about breast cancer prevention and resources. What you might miss each year, though, is just a … Continue reading

Oh Yes, It’s Ladies’ Weekend

expo header
Posted October 27, 2011

Come see the Healthy Woman team at the New Jersey Women’s Expo on November 5 and 6 at Brookdale Community College in Lincroft. We’ll be there to answer all of your questions and tell you about the latest and greatest … Continue reading

First Things First: What to Expect During the First Trimester

Happy couple with a pregnancy test sitting on the bed
Posted October 22, 2011

In the first trimester, you go from not even knowing for sure if you’re pregnant to incubating a tiny fetus who’s developed fingerprints. You may not even look pregnant during this period, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a lot … Continue reading