With Ebola in the forefront of the news as of late, selfless individuals like NJ resident, Katie Meyler, have been providing assistance and raising funds to combat the disease.  Meyler founded More Than Me, an organization with a mission to “make sure education and opportunity, not exploitation and poverty, define the lives of the most vulnerable girls from the West Point Slum of Liberia,” and recently they’ve joined the fight against Ebola in Monrovia.

The work the organization has done in the past to provide girls with education, health and social services through the More Than Me Academy has made it simple to turn their attention to the Ebola crisis.  Since More Than Me has been able to provide two meals a day, learning tools and after school programs to the girls of Liberia, they knew they’d be able to help, spread awareness and influence the Ebola response.

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The approach for Meyler and More Than Me is supplementary to just hope and persistence.  “More Than Me is fighting with everything we are made of to end this epidemic that terrorizes our children and the communities in which they live.”  Being able to understand what the community needs and how they can help is the core to really turning over a new leaf and ending Ebola.

The programming that More Than Me facilitates includes possible projects with other organizations such as Hope 21 and efforts like supporting local leaders, managing home healthcare teams, coordinating ambulance services and providing critical short-term needs for the front line.    The passion and dedication to her cause is rather evident in Meyler’s work as she lists in detail on her website not only what they are doing, but why, “Filling gaps with regard to vulnerable children (they are our <3 heart).”

Recently Meyler has taken her Ebola awareness and work to such avenues as the Instagram account of NBC News to share her stories and efforts with their over 400,000 followers.  She has also been featured in other news outlets such as CBS, TIME, Washington Post, Vice, Forbes, Marie Claire, Mashable, The New York Times, The Daily Beast and more.  Her current goal to raise $50,000 is being documented and shared with her supporters and followers through her GoFundMe page.

Healthy Woman supports this cause, and we ask you to join our support. To find out more about her organization or to donate to More Than Me, visit the website. Please tag all donations with your name or anonymous, and Healthy Woman so that we can measure our impact for this important cause. Dr. Rebecca’s sister has personally championed this cause, volunteering her time and efforts to make a difference in the Ebola crisis.

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Meyler’s efforts to help fight Ebola are more than heroic as they will continue even if the threat of the disease diminishes.  She says, “Before I’m American, I am human, and no little girl, regardless of where she was born, should be forced to work the streets when her dream is just to go to school.” Please join us in supporting this worth-while cause, and heroic woman.

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