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Fight the Good Fight: The Many Wonders of Probiotics

Young woman eating yogurt
Posted September 04, 2011

While the idea of ingesting bacteria to help fight bacteria seems a little, well, counterintuitive (not to mention gross), it can be helpful—if the bacteria you’re taking in is probiotics, that is. These microorganisms, which come in the form of ... Continue reading →

PMS 911: Natural Ways to Handle Your Many Colored Days

woman with pms
Posted August 28, 2011

Sometimes being a woman can feel like the being trapped in Dr. Seuss's "My Many Colored Days," the childhood classic that begins: "Some days are yellow. Some days are blue. On different days, I am different too." And when you're careening ... Continue reading →

Time Is On Your Side: The Top Anti-Aging Foods

Beautiful woman
Posted August 21, 2011

Time marches on whether we like it or not, but that doesn’t mean aging is an inevitability—there’s plenty you can do to keep yourself feeling healthy and youthful. Start with your diet, one of the biggest factors in how well ... Continue reading →

Healthy Heart, Healthy Woman: How to Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease

heart stethoscope
Posted August 15, 2011

You probably learned somewhere between your teen years and now about protecting your heart from the casualties of love—and even when that letterman jacket–clad cutie passed you up for the perky cheerleader and you thought you might die, you bounced ... Continue reading →

When It Comes to Being Green, There’s No Place Like Home

green cleaning supplies
Posted August 07, 2011

These days, it seems like everything is turning green—including our practice (read more about it here). Green is quickly becoming mainstream—and for good reason. Not only is upping our eco-consciousness a must for the planet but it's also an absolute ... Continue reading →

Cans Do! Five Ways to Celebrate World Breastfeeding Week

Posted August 02, 2011

In honor of National Breastfeeding Month and World Breastfeeding Week, we asked Best for Babes, a nonprofit that's giving breastfeeding a makeover by empowering women with the education, acceptance and support they need to achieve their own personal breastfeeding goals, ... Continue reading →

The Blues, Revisited

mother and son
Posted July 24, 2011

For many new moms, postpartum depression (PPD) begins after the medically designated time period. For these women, the onset of late PPD signals a lonely, frightening and misunderstood time. The good news: You are not alone and you can get ... Continue reading →

Triple Action

Posted July 21, 2011

Healthy Woman's third set of triplets was delivered last night! Third set! The charmed trio was delivered by Dr. Rebecca Cipriano and Dr. Julie Leizer. Mom, two girls and a boy are all doing well. Congratulations! Fun triplet fact: Since 1989, there have ... Continue reading →

Signs of the Times: How to Tell If You’re Pregnant

pregnancy test
Posted July 17, 2011

Pregnant or not pregnant: that is the question. In fact, that is the question you've probably wondered at least a few times in your life. The symptoms of pregnancy are not always so easy to decipher and can often be confused with ... Continue reading →

Laborist and Delivery?

doctor and her patient
Posted July 15, 2011

What is a laborist? Well, picture this: Your water breaks, you call your OB, you book it down to the hospital and you're greeted by (insert pause here for dramatic effect) a doctor you've never seen before in your life. Sure, ... Continue reading →