It was a seasonally chilly morning in New York City for the TCS New York City Marathon when we spotted a few familiar faces!  A member of the Healthy Woman family and sister of Stephanie Leonetti, Christina Leonetti had taken the course to run 26.2 miles.  It was her first marathon.

Christina trained for four months for the marathon.  To get to where she was on race day, she would spend her weeks strategically planning how she would to workout.  Ultimately, her training schedule was: four days running, two days of strength training and one rest day.  We’re thinking it worked!

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We asked Christina if there was a mental aspect associated with preparing for the marathon and how she was able to conquer it.  “Mentally it is tough to train for four months for one event,” she said “The amount of personal time you have to dedicate to it can be mentally draining and exhausting.”  Leonetti said that in the end though, it was very worth it, “However the vision of crossing the finish line gets you through the training.”

There had to be some parts that were more difficult than others, so we asked Christina what those sections of the race were like to her and which ones were easier.  “Mentally this was a tough marathon because I battled an injury for 26.2 miles, but refused to quit,” she said “the hardest part was battling the wind, the training didn’t prepare me to go against the wind for 26.2 miles.”  The most invigorating part of the marathon though was not the feeling of adrenaline she gave herself, “The support from family and New Yorkers.”

We of course had to know what the best part of running in New York City was, “The crowds and it is my hometown.  There are 50 thousand runners with one common goal – to cross the finish line.”

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Tips on Supporting a Family Member While They’re Training for a Marathon

We asked Stephanie Leonetti, Nutritionist at Pop Weight Loss, about how she was able to support her sister during her marathon training and what tips she was giving her along the way.  “During this time it was important for me to keep her motivated not just physically, but mentally,” she explained “I wanted to make sure she knew that I was there for her throughout the training not only as her sister, but as her nutritionist.”

Making sure she was in the best shape possible all around is part of what got her to complete the amazing feat that was the New York City Marathon!  “It’s not just about the exercise training; the food planning is just as important to get her through the race and she did it,” said Stephanie.

Lastly, we asked Stephanie what the most important part of being a supportive family member is.  “To be there to cheer them on during the marathon,” and also one other amazing feeling “the feeling I got watching my sister run through New York City.”

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