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Healthy Woman Videos

Meet the Healthy Woman Doctors

Joseph Cipriano, M.D., FACOG
Rebecca Cipriano, M.D., FACOG
. .
Susan Pacana, M.D., FACOG
Julie Leizer, M.D.
Healthy Woman Procedures
Healthy Woman’s Dr. Susan Pacana and Healthy Woman patients talk about a cryoablation, a safe, effective and comfortable surgical procedure done in the comfort of the Healthy Woman office for the treatment of excessive menstrual bleeding.
Healthy Living Expert Dr. Rebecca Cipriano Talks Obesity
Top Health and Wellness Experts Discuss the Epidemic of Obesity
Dr. Rebecca Cipriano, Dr. Oz and other top experts explain why obesity is strongly linked to the four major causes of death in the US (heart disease, cancer, stroke and type 2 diabetes) and discuss the disorders associated with obesity, including infertility, sleep apnea, Alzheimer’s disease and more.
The Healthy Woman Birth Story
An inside look at the final doctor visit, labor and delivery of a Healthy Woman patient set to give birth to her third son.