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Healthy Woman’s Gone Green

Did you know? We’ve gone green!

As Monmouth and Ocean counties’ leaders in women’s health, we are firm advocates of an eco-friendly lifestyle for ourselves, our practice and our patients.

Just as we have always done, we walk our talk when it comes to the things in which we believe and about which we are passionate.
Healthy Woman Gone Green
Currently, we are living la vida verde by employing several eco-conscious in-office initiatives, including the usage of:

  • LED lights
  • Prominently displayed recycle bins for patients and staff
  • Active recycling of paper, plastic and glass
  • Recycled toilet tissue
  • Recycled c-folds (paper towels that are used in the patient bathrooms and exam rooms)
  • Recycled printer paper
  • Green cleaning products

Our dedication to a green office, as it impacts not just the health of our patients but the health of our planet, is a top priority.

We hope you will join us in our ongoing commitment to being green.