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Tina Tredici, CNM

Tina Tredici, CNMTina Tredici, CNM graduated from Wagner College in Staten Island, NY where she earned her Bachelors degree in nursing. She went on to earn her Masters degree in science and nursing from New York University and her American Midwifery Certification. As a trained Midwife with professional with special expertise in supporting women to maintain a healthy pregnancy and birth – Tina offers expert individualized care, education, counseling, and support to patients throughout their childbirth experience. In addition, she provides GYN services to general patients – including annual exams, family planning, GYN medical visits and more. As a midwife Tina is able to perform the services of a practitioner, excluding surgical procedures.  Tina has more than than seven years experience.  Prior to joining Healthy Woman, Tina practiced at Maimonides Midwifery Services in Brooklyn, NY where she delivered hundreds of healthy babies.

“I love my job” says Healthy Woman OB-GYN’s own Tina Tredici, CNM. “I believe in empowering women to control their own health care by providing them the education they need to make informed decisions.”