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Healthy Woman’s Maternity Concierge Service

Healthy Woman Ob/Gyn is the only practice in New Jersey to offer a full-time prenatal coordinator, aka our Maternity Concierge.

What does that mean for you? It means that for the next forty weeks (and beyond), you have your very own go-to gal for all of your prenatal and postnatal needs.

Got a question about prenatal vitamins? Just email your prenatal coordinator. Not sure what an upcoming test is all about? Just give her a call. Want to know if it’s okay to fly? She can tell you!

We’ve also assembled a list the area’s top businesses, services and organizations for pregnant and new moms—a virtual one-stop-shop that connects you with everything you need to have a happy, healthy pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Between the caring Healthy Woman doctors, the friendly Healthy Woman staff, the Healthy Woman prenatal coordinator and our exclusive resources pages, we’ve got all of the information, answers and support you need to have a great birth!

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