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Horizon NJ Health

Healthy Woman OBGYN is proud to add Horizon NJ Health to the array of insurance providers we accept! 

Horizon NJ Health. Woman holding baby feetAs one of New Jersey’s top OBGYN practices, we are happy to extend our services to those covered by Horizon NJ Health.

Do you have Horizon NJ Health?
If you are covered by Horizon NJ Health, you must see a provider within the network. If you receive care from a provider or hospital who does not participate with Horizon NJ Health without approval, you may have to pay for the care. Healthy Woman OBGYN is happy to care for patients covered by Horizon NJ Health.

Do you have Medicare?
Healthy Woman OBGYN continues to be a trusted provider for patients with Medicare, and a wide variety of other insurance. If you have Medicare, you should always choose physicians from your Medicare provider network, for all medically necessary services.

Healthy Woman is committed to serving all of our patients, even in these economically tough times. For questions regarding your coverage or to schedule your next appointment, please contact the office via phone at 732.431.1616.