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Insurance Info

We accept a wide variety of insurances (partial listing below). For patients currently without insurance, please follow the link at the bottom of this page.

Please contact your insurance carrier to verify your individual benefits.  All patients are responsible for understanding their specific benefits, including any copays or coinsurance that may be due after receiving care. Patients are also responsible for notifying our office if a specific insurance plan requires precertification, preauthorization, 0r a referral to our office (especially HMO plans). Our office will gladly obtain the appropriate authorizations after notification from the patient within 48 hours of the required authorization or referral.

Healthy Woman is committed to serving all of our patients, even in these economically tough times. Below is a link for patients seeking medical care, but who currently are without insurance. For questions regarding this schedule, please contact the office via phone at 732.431.1616

Payment schedule for patients currently without insurance:

self-pay prices Jan 2016