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Word of mouth continues to make us the first choice when it comes to women’s health care. Here is what some of our patients are saying about Healthy Woman OBGYN.

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She Said “Healthy Woman”

“I’ve had all 4 of my children with Healthy Woman and have enjoyed my pregnancies and deliveries. I have felt very taken care of and my concerns were always addressed. I love that Healthy Woman has a maternity concierge, Grace. She is always extremely friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Also, I have to say that I have never had to wait a very long time to be seen by my doctor, which is very important. I will continue to use Healthy Woman for all my healthcare needs… and am eternally grateful for the wonderful family they have helped me have. I thank them for their care and compassion.” – Carolyn P. 

“[Dr. Cipriano’s Weight Loss Program] Pop weight loss works. I lost 30 lbs in 2 months last February. I was told I could never get pregnant, but after losing the weight I unexpectedly became pregnant. I had my son in September. The weight loss re-invigorated my system… I am extremely thankful and grateful for Pop. It changed my life. They even allowed me to freeze my account until I am physically and emotionally able to return to the program post delivery. They work with you and everything is customized for the individual. Pop goes the World!!!!” – Pamela C., Healthy Woman Patient & Pop Weight Loss Client

“I had a Cryoablation – it was quick, painless, and it was the best thing I ever did! Now I get my period for only 3 days, and it’s like nothing. I was referred to Healthy Woman when I moved here from New York, from my cousin, and I stuck with them ever since. I really like the whole staff!” – Gina C.

“They did an awesome job with all of my prenatal care. The entire staff was warm and friendly and were very helpful and accommodating with everything . I had the best delivery with Dr. Rebecca, she was so much fun in the delivery room. I never thought I could have so much fun delivering a baby! The whole experience was enjoyable from start to finish.” – Renee E.

“On March 29,2011, our dream of being a family finally came true and we have Dr. Rebecca to thank for this. She was always there for us and always put any worries or concerns at ease. Everyday we are thankful for all of the support and excellent care.  We now wake up everyday, look at our little girl and think how lucky we are.” – Barrie D.

“Dear Healthy Woman: Thank you so much for making my entire pregnancy so enjoyable! Claude and I greatly appreciate everything you and your office did for us! Words cannot express how much it means to us.” – Morgan and Claude T.

“Spencer was born 10/06/99, and we were lucky to have Dr. Rebecca Cipriano deliver him with ease. If anyone ever can choose who to deliver their babies… she was awesome. I didn’t know until a day later that the cord was around his neck… but she was swift. Thanks for the great experience and I tell many people in our “Navy” travels how wonderful you were. 🙂 ” – Beth L. C.